NRM (New Religious Movement)

Triratna likes to think of itself as a traditional and authentic Buddhist community. However, it actually fits much better the sociological category of "New Religious Movement", and as such is more just Buddhist inspired than authentically Buddhist 

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Triratna's Charismatic Succession Problem

College members, appointed to their positions for life by their peers, lack the accountability that was lacking in the case of the charismatic founder. Since any procedures or mechanisms aimed at ensuring accountability are devised by the College and are overseen by College members, it is impossible to ensure any kind of impartial review of their conduct. There is little inclination for those benefiting from the charisma of office to introduce lego-rational measures that might hold them accountable to insiders (much less outsiders) or to entertain any shrinkage of their role -- a role that, due to the mythmaking that surrounds them, only they are thought capable of fulfilling.