Triratna (formerly The FWBO) is one of the largest Buddhist-inspired new religious movements operating in the West.

This website has been created as a resource for those involved, or thinking of getting involved in Triratna in order to help inform them about the shadow side of the organisation. We also pose some basic but important questions about the problematic ethics and non-Dharmic teachings of Sangharakshita, the organisation's founder, that substantially influence what happens today in Triratna. These are questions which the organisation's hierarchy has yet to satisfactorily address in official statements or actions, and which they seem to deliberately obfuscate and avoid.

We also offer some resources on understanding how "high demand" organisations such as Triratna function in order to help practitioners recognise and navigate the expectations that Triratna places on people's time, energy and finances, particularly in regard to its ordination process.

You can read an overview of the issues here, and browse the articles, links and testimonies on the site by category.