"Just a bit of Pagan fun"

This is an account written in a private 'in-house' Triratna forum in 2017 by an Order member recounting sexual abuse by his teacher, Sangharakshita. I have omitted the writer’s name in an attempt to respect his privacy. However, I acknowledge that I am  - without any permission from the author - submitting an article that was originally published in a private context. I sincerely hope that this has no personal unwanted impacts on the author. However, my concern about that is outweighed by my belief that it is in the public interest to hear this story, as it offers a very clear, straightforward personal account of Sangharakshita’s predatory sexual behaviour; a pattern that this Buddhist teacher repeated with numerous other young male disciples over a period of at least three decades. It also offers a striking account of how Sangharakshita responded without understanding, remorse or compassion when this young man told him about the lasting harmful and confusing effects that his behaviour had had on him…and by numerous accounts this was his attitude to all those whom he had sexually abused.) 

Moving on, or Not

In this post Mark Dunlop replies to criticism of why he has not been able to "move on" from the traumatic experience he underwent while living with and being sexually manipulated by Sangharakshita in his early 20s. It is clear in Mark's account that it is not only the betrayal of his spiritual aspirations by Sangharakshita that has proven difficult to come to terms with, but also the betrayal by those in Triratna who were supposed to be his friends but who consistently disregarded, downplayed or denied his experience, that has proven so damaging.