Extremism, Intolerance, Misogyny

One of the ways that Trirata most clearly resembles a standard "High Demand Group" rather than a true Buddhist Sangha is in the way it has supported various bizarre and fanatical ideologies.

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How Triratna coerced people not to have children

This is a personal account from a woman ex-order member in Triratna, including her observations on how  institutionalised views about women, families and parenthood interacted with coercion about life choices; something that she both witnessed and experienced firsthand in the group as part of ordination training courses.

In a cult, the ability to decide if and when to have a child — perhaps the most basic decision in a woman’s life — is taken over…

This is one reason why, though women and men both suffer in the iron grip of charismatic and authoritarian cult leaders, women followers face a unique set of life-altering issues

Alexandra Stein on NBC